The Hogar is a paradoxical world in which the precocious maternity of a group of teen mums lives together with the vow of chastity made by the nuns who welcomed them, between rigid rules and Christian love. Sister Paola has just arrived in Buenos Aires from Italy to finish her novitiate and take her final votes at the Hogar, an Italian religious centre for teen mums in Buenos. Lu and Fati, both 17, are children abruptly converted into mothers. Three different women who will influence each other’s lives and their relationship with motherhood.

Produced by dispàrteVivo film and Campo Cine in collaboration with Rai Cinema

funds: co-development fund MIBAC – INCAA; financing to the pre-production IDM-BLS; financing to the production IDM; contribution to the production MIBAC; contribution to the production INCAA; financing to the co-production IBERMEDIA; fund to the co-productions Lazio Cinema International; ARTE Prize.

written and directed by Maura Delpero

cinematography: Soledad Rodriguez

cast: Lidiya Liberman, Agustina Malale, Denise Carrizo, Marta Lubos, Renata Palminiello, Isabella Cilia