Yesterday, Susanna Nicchiarelli’s “Nico, 1988” was released in the USA by Magnolia Pictures and it was selected as “Critic’s Pics” by The New York Times.

Check out the trailer.

Here you can find great reviews about the movie from some of the most important American critics:

“Curiously, movingly, in the final scenes, […] Nico at times seems to enjoy being Nico, and Dyrholm even dares a smile. Her performance works both as impersonation — her amused utterances sound a lot like the real Nico — but succeeds most as an investigation, even a summation. Nico, 1988 offers all I want from this kind of movie: a sense of what time with someone unknowable might have been like.” Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice

“This is a reclamation, […] a posthumous gift to Päffgen. […] The singer herself might have hated Nico, 1988‘s insistence on such mythic highs and miserablist lows, if she didn’t just shrug ambivalently at the notion or was simply content to roll her eyes. But Christa Päffgen, the woman who remembered what it was like to see the world as her oyster and Berlin bombed when she was a girl? She would probably have loved it.” David Fear, Rolling Stone

“One of many things Nicchiarelli’s movie reminds us is that Nico’s later music was darker, deeper, and infinitely richer than most people realize. In fact, the whole second half of her career was a defiant and fascinating repudiation of everything that had drawn people to the former model and muse in the first place.” Lindsay Zoladz, The Ringer

Tonight Magnolia Pictures has organized a special tribute at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, where Trine Dyrholm, the protagonist of the movie, will perform together with other great artist to celebrate Nico.