You are looking for Love! Rachele laughs at the stranger with whom she chats online. She doesn’t believe in love, and she leads us to discover the only feeling she knows – the strong poisonous bond which unites her parents. In public they seem still tenderly in love, but behind closed doors, it’s all possession fear submission and pain. Rachele wants to be different, but can she really be so, when the only form of love she knows is violence?

Produced by

produced by Elda Guidinetti, Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa

a production ventura, Vivo film

with the support of Ministero della Cultura, IDM Film Commission Südtirol


Rachele Denise Tantucci

Ania Anita Caprioli

Ermes Matteo Olivetti

Wanda Anita Kravos

Mario Giorgio Tirabassi

Rachele child Maya Zacchino

Pietro Bruno Da Soghe

Leo Bryan Ferraro

Leo’s girlfriend Darya Moltushkina


directed by Francesco Jost

screenplay Francesco Jost, Marta Parlatore

cinematography Debora Vrizzi

editing Letizia Caudullo

soundtrack Max Viale

production sound Patrick Becker

costume design Daria Calvelli

make-up Altea Lippmann

hairstyling Elena Passera Laghi

Technical data

country Svizzera / Italia

year 2023

running time 87′

Festivals and awards

Solothurn Film Festival 2024: Fictions