Marco Presta, spotlight chaser on the stage, and extremely popular in Italy thanks to the mythical Radio 2 program IL RUGGITO DEL CONIGLIO [“The Rabbit’s roar”] with his partner Antonello Dose, offers us a unique essay about how to whiplash Italian costumes and makes us laugh. Supported by exhilarating Chiara Noschese, and accompanied by the guitar intermezzos by Carlo De Bei, Presta embarks on a high-speed mixture of sketches and paradoxes. He doesn’t forgive his home country and he overwhelms the audience of a crowded Roman theatre with his uncontrollable monologues. It is an outspoken lecture on satire, extremely ‘politically incorrect’.

Produced by

Vivo film, RAI 2 Palcoscenico, Rai Trade


With: Marco Presta, Chiara Noschese, Carlo De Bei


Written by: Marco Presta

Theatre direction: Fabio Toncelli

Original music: Carlo De Bei

TV direction: Giovanni Ribet

Editing: Alberto Masi

Cinematography: Marco Tani

Technical data

Year: 2006

Running time: 80 min

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Format: color, digital 4/3

International Sales

Rai Trade

Italian Distribution

Rai Trade