The mystery of entire neighborhoods in the metropolis emptying of human presence. A disturbing new order that investigates and represses. The lives of three women intertwine in an ambiguous game of escape and capture, in which the roles of victim and perpetrator switch until they become confused. A film that tries to question cinema and the mechanisms of power.

Director’s note
I consider Wanted as deconstructed genre film, the raising of a cry, an internal crisis within the established prison. The film was written before the pandemic and before the war in Ukraine. This is not an abstract and theoretical film. On the contrary, it’s a work very realistic and related to what happened and is happening in our current events. In a few words: we are here!

Produced by

produced by Marta Donzelli e Gregorio Paonessa

a production Vivo film con Rai Cinema

with the support of MIC – Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo; Regione Lazio – Fondo regionale per il cinema e l’audiovisivo


Chiara Caselli inquirente capo

Denise Tantucci prigioniera

Caterina Gueli infiltrata e voce off

Giovanni Ludeno inquirente

Fulvio Luis Baglivi collaborazionista

Freddy Paul Grunert marito inquirente capo

Michelangelo Dalisi amico prigioniera

e con la partecipazione di
Fabrizio Rongione superiore


screenplay, cinematography & editing Fabrizio Ferraro

script collaboration Valerio Carando

collaboration Felice d’Agostino, Marcello Fagiani

production sound Maximilien Gobiet, Mario Iaquone

production design Sebastian Vogler

costume design Daria Calvelli

make-up and hairstyling Nina Labus

sound editing Simone Frati

sound mix Roberto Cappannelli

delegate producer Serena Alfieri

line producer Livia Barbieri

produced by Marta Donzelli e Gregorio Paonessa

Technical data

Country Italia

Year 2023

unning time 90’

language Italian

Format DCP 2K FLAT

Festivals and awards

Festa del Cinema di Roma 2023 – Freestyle