Original title: Papervision #1. Nel mondo dell’illustrazione per bambini

PAPERVISION # 1 is dedicated to Chiara Carrer, maybe the most important among Italian illustrator of children’s books. This documentary film follows the artist at work, illustrates its technique and show her main artistic intentions. The portrait of her real world is the counterpoint of the fantastic, gentle and metaphysic world of the illustrated pages she draws. The author’s words are interwoven with a subtle graphic editing of her drawings, her characters, her books. A dialogue is born, between the two different expressive codex. Lodoli’s cinema and Carrer’s illustration are two ways of telling about reality. And to imagine it.

«What emerges from the experience hereto is a lesson on observation. Chiara helps us to see her vision of reality. For her reality is not only what we can see, but something that can be transformed and reinvented if we use our imagination and fantasy. In other words: Seeing what exists in different way and seeing what cannot be seen. Allowing myself to be guided by her work, I have not only compared our two different expressive language forms. I have tried to make them interact by mixing different types of cine ma expression – documentary, fiction and cartoons».

(Elisabetta Lodoli)

Produced by

Vivo Film and Cydonia Production


Written and directed by: Elisabetta Lodoli

Produced for Vivo Film by: Gregorio Paonessa

Animations, Gfx e Vfx: Proxima

Cinematography: Cesare Accetta

Editing: Letizia Caudullo

Original soundtrack: Alessandro Gwis e Riccardo Manzi

Sound: Enrico Medri

Technical data

Year: 2006

Running time: 26 min

Country: Italy

Original language: Italian

Format: colour, digital 16/9

Festivals and awards

Festival di Palazzo Venezia,

Art Doc Fest, Roma 2006

International Sales

Vivo Film

Italian Distribution

Vivo Film