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Michelangelo Frammartino

Michelangelo Frammartino was born in Milan in 1968. He studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic School. In 1995 he exhibited his first video installation work there, Presenze S-connesse; and the interactive installation Ora at the Milan Civic Film School. From which he graduated in 1007 with the film L’occhio e lo Spirito. The same year he was one of the young directors selected to participate in the production project Le Mani sulla Città. In 1998 the interactive installation Film, a tribute to the cinematic work of Samuel Beckett, was shown at the Triennale in Milan.



Once upon a time trees in the south Italian countryside used to come alive and move from the forest into the village to celebrate the yearly fusion of man and earth. Immersing visitors in the sound and imagery of rustling foliage, the cinematic installation, Alberi (trees in Italian), takes them on a cyclic journey through reveries of mystic appearances. Alberi…


Un film di fantascienza senza effetti speciali…